Preliminary work by Sanjeev Sabhlok. Now, of course, we have Swarna Bharat Party.

Freedom Party of India for freedom, not socialism

The Freedom Party firmly opposes socialism. It cannot agree to swear allegiance to socialism. 

Recently, the Supreme Court on Monday dismissed as withdrawn a writ petition challenging the validity of Section 2 of the Constitution (42nd Amendment) by virtue of which the word ‘socialist’ was inserted in the Preamble to the Constitution.

The petition, filed by the Good Governance India Foundation, also challenged the validity of Section 29 A (5) of the Representation of the People Act, which was inserted by way View Postof Section 6 of the RP (Amendment) Act, 1989 making it incumbent upon every political party registered in India to pledge allegiance to the socialist ideal, failing which such a party would be rejected from registration.

The Freedom Party does not believe that this Hon'ble Supreme Court has considered the fundamental merits of this matter appropriately.

The linked writ petition was filed before the High Court in 1994 and has not yet been resolved. In 1996 S.V. Raju wrote how India is making a mockery of democracy.

The Freedom Party is assembling to offer good governance to India, based on the principles of Freedom. Join as a Freedom Partner to support, and join the Freedom Team of India to lead.

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